Customers Are Raving in GWC Warranty Reviews

Drivers, dealers and agents nationwide can’t stop raving in GWC Warranty reviews. GWC Warranty has delivered a “No Worries, Just Drive” experience to more than 1.5 million drivers across the country and is the automotive industry’s best-in-class used vehicle service contract provider.

GWC Warranty instills confidence, freedom, and reliability in its customers, and if you don’t believe us, they’ll be happy to tell you. If you want to read some of the best GWC Warranty reviews, visit their website, but here are a few GWC Warranty reviews that cover GWC’s great service, products, training and technology.


“We have been extremely happy with GWC Warranty for many years. Before we started using GWC, we jumped from company to company because our clients were not getting paid. We had many customers very unhappy with us because of the way they were treated by certain warranty companies. In the end, trying to cut corners ended up costing us money. About 8 years ago, I was fed up and decided to take a chance with GWC and haven’t looked back since.” Matt Konig, Broadmoor Motor Sales, Inc.


We have a sign that says 90-day, 4,500-mile free warranty on select vehicles. Most people see that and it’s that reassurance they get. They also see the stickers and clings on the windows and that makes people feel more secure about their purchase. You see these cars with a GWC warranty on there and it makes the consumers feel protected.”— Joshua Gragg, Owner, Joshua’s Auto Sales


“I take all the claims that we get back and put them in a binder. I’ll never forget that I had a customer that wouldn’t buy the warranty. I must have asked three times. I opened up the binder and started showing different things that GWC had paid to repair. This guy sat back in his chair and looked at me and said “You got me. I’ll take it.” — Nelson Hinkley, Owner, Hinkley Auto Sales


“The iPad app gives me consistency with 100 percent of the customers 100 percent of the time. I’m able to turn around to a customer and say ‘Do me a favor and listen to this.’ I start out with the video with the President and CEO for info about the company and then shoot over to the coverage breakdowns and monthly payment. It’s all about consistency. It simply gets done quicker.

“If I’m talking to the owner of a dealership, I’m going to tell them that the F&I guys are going to make more money for you because of the consistency with the iPad app. For F&I guys, it’s a tool you can hand to the customer while you’re off doing your thing in the back. Anyone would welcome that because anything we can do to make our jobs easier, we’re all for that!” — Joe Sallese, F&I Manager, Tower Auto Sales