Learning How to Transfer a Vehicle Service Contract through GWC Warranty Reviews

A buddy of mine recently told me about the vehicle service contract that he has on his used car. But that got me thinking. I asked myself: What happens if he sells that car? Does that vehicle service contract transfer over to the new driver? So I did some research.

I came across a vehicle service contract provider called GWC Warranty, and when I started reading GWC Warranty reviews, my questions were answered.

By reading these GWC Warranty reviews written by satisfied drivers, I quickly learned that you can transfer your remaining GWC Warranty coverage over to a new driver so that they too can have peace of mind with their vehicle. A couple of the GWC Warranty reviews even said that GWC Warranty’s message to its drivers is “No Worries, Just Drive.” Certainly seems fitting for a company that allows for its coverage to be transferred so seamlessly.

What’s even better is that these GWC Warranty reviews said that the ability to transfer your vehicle service contract over can actually increase the resale value of your vehicle. Being able to sell your car with vehicle protection from GWC will make it a much more attractive option to buyers.

The GWC Warranty reviews I read got so detailed that some of them even gave instructions on how to transfer a vehicle service contract. This is what I learned about the process of transfering a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract to a new owner:

You can do so by submitting a letter to GWC Warranty within 30 days of the date your vehicle was sold. In the letter, you should state your intentions to transfer the contract and include your name and address. Send the letter to:

GWC Warranty

P.O. Box 7900

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773

You also must submit a copy of the bill of sale for your car to GWC Warranty. Make sure the sale agreement has the date of the sale and the car mileage at the time of the sale on it. Finally, include payment for any transfer fee that is listed on your GWC Warranty contract application.

GWC Warranty drivers who saved loads of money on unexpected repairs seem very happy to write these GWC Warranty reviews and many of them even provided contact information for GWC Warranty so that other drivers can reach out to the vehicle service provider.

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