Learning How to Renew a Vehicle Service Contract through GWC Warranty Reviews

I saw an ad for GWC Warranty vehicle service contracts and I was intrigued so I decided to do a little bit of research. I went online and found tons of glowing GWC Warranty reviews. After reading a bunch of them, I felt like I had a good grasp of the company and what they offer.

One of the most interesting things I noticed in these GWC Warranty reviews was how easy it is to renew a vehicle service contract with GWC Warranty. The GWC Warranty reviews I read said that if your current GWC Warranty service contract is about to expire but you want to continue coverage you can renew your contract and keep driving with peace of mind.

But as I kept reading, I also learned that in order to renew your coverage with GWC Warranty you must meet certain criteria. What is that criteria, you ask? According to the GWC Warranty reviews I read, your vehicle must meet GWC Warranty’s current eligibility requirements at the time you are trying to renew and you must request your renewal within 15 days or 500 miles of your current contract’s expiration.

If you can meet these criteria, your new GWC Warranty vehicle service contract coverage will begin the day after the expiration of your initial contract.

Having saved tons of money on out-of-pocket costs for unexpected vehicle repairs because of their original GWC Warranty vehicle service contract, those writing the GWC Warranty reviews I read were not only happy to renew their contracts, they also were eager to share their experiences and recommend GWC Warranty to others.

Many of the people who wrote these GWC Warranty reviews even provided contact information for GWC Warranty. Renewing vehicle service contracts with GWC Warranty is as easy as giving them a call at 1-844-549-6418. The dedicated professionals at GWC Warranty will ensure that your questions are answered and your needs are met.

There are so many helpful GWC Warranty reviews online that I am eager to get back on my computer and learn more about this top-notch vehicle service provider. I saw in one of the most recent reviews I read that upgrading and transferring your GWC Warranty vehicle service contract is just as easy and renewing. Perhaps those will be the next GWC Warranty services I’ll learn about, and I’ll be sure to share my findings.

Learning How to Transfer a Vehicle Service Contract through GWC Warranty Reviews

A buddy of mine recently told me about the vehicle service contract that he has on his used car. But that got me thinking. I asked myself: What happens if he sells that car? Does that vehicle service contract transfer over to the new driver? So I did some research.

I came across a vehicle service contract provider called GWC Warranty, and when I started reading GWC Warranty reviews, my questions were answered.

By reading these GWC Warranty reviews written by satisfied drivers, I quickly learned that you can transfer your remaining GWC Warranty coverage over to a new driver so that they too can have peace of mind with their vehicle. A couple of the GWC Warranty reviews even said that GWC Warranty’s message to its drivers is “No Worries, Just Drive.” Certainly seems fitting for a company that allows for its coverage to be transferred so seamlessly.

What’s even better is that these GWC Warranty reviews said that the ability to transfer your vehicle service contract over can actually increase the resale value of your vehicle. Being able to sell your car with vehicle protection from GWC will make it a much more attractive option to buyers.

The GWC Warranty reviews I read got so detailed that some of them even gave instructions on how to transfer a vehicle service contract. This is what I learned about the process of transfering a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract to a new owner:

You can do so by submitting a letter to GWC Warranty within 30 days of the date your vehicle was sold. In the letter, you should state your intentions to transfer the contract and include your name and address. Send the letter to:

GWC Warranty

P.O. Box 7900

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773

You also must submit a copy of the bill of sale for your car to GWC Warranty. Make sure the sale agreement has the date of the sale and the car mileage at the time of the sale on it. Finally, include payment for any transfer fee that is listed on your GWC Warranty contract application.

GWC Warranty drivers who saved loads of money on unexpected repairs seem very happy to write these GWC Warranty reviews and many of them even provided contact information for GWC Warranty so that other drivers can reach out to the vehicle service provider.

How a Vehicle Service Contract Saves You Money in the Long Run

In today’s uncertain economy, vehicle service contracts can be a great way to save money on your auto expenses. I wasn’t exactly sold on vehicle service contracts until I went online and read GWC Warranty reviews to learn more about them.

What I found in those GWC Warranty reviews was that vehicle service contracts can help pay for repairs due to mechanical breakdown after the factory warranty on used cars has expired. This allows used car owners to save a ton of money for up to 10 years of ownership or perhaps even more!

Not only do vehicle service contracts put money back into drivers’ pickets, they also provide them with peace of mind when it comes to unexpected auto repairs.

Don’t assume that all vehicle service contracts are the same. When purchasing a vehicle service contract, here are some of the details to make note of so that you know you’re getting one of high quality.

  • Contract details should specifically spell out what is and isn’t covered
  • Your auto maintenance responsibilities should be clearly explained
  • Look for benefits such as towing or roadside assistance

Don’t let the end of your vehicle’s factory warranty be the end of your peace of mind. If you purchase a vehicle service contract, you’ll be extending the ownership of your vehicle and receiving all of the following benefits.

  • Protection from rising auto repair costs
  • Timely and affordable repairs
  • Limit out-of-pocket expense
  • Increased vehicle value

If you’d like to learn more about vehicle service contracts, be sure to check back with our blog frequently. And, of course, you can always go online and read GWC Warranty reviews for yourself to see what those who already have vehicle service contracts are saying.

GWC Warranty Reviews How to File a Claim

To go along with our theme of blogs where GWC Warranty reviews how to use its online tools and resources for drivers, GWC wants to share with you the ins and outs of another useful part of its website.

If a component of your vehicle that is covered by a GWC Warranty service contract fails, that means it’s time to file a claim. To help walk you through this process, GWC Warranty reviews how to file a claim.

Reading GWC Warranty reviews online will quickly reveal the “No Worries, Just Drive” approach that the best-in-class vehicle service provider offers its drivers. Part of this peace of mind that drivers have who use GWC Warranty to protect themselves from costly out-of-pocket repairs comes from the ease and effectiveness of filing a claim on the GWC Warranty website.

GWC Warranty wants to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, and it does so by ensuring that your claim is handled efficiently.

When filing a claim for a mechanical breakdown of your vehicle, follow these steps:

  1. DO NOT continue to drive your vehicle. Stop driving immediately so that you don’t cause any further damage.
  2. If towing or roadside assistance is included in your coverage and you are in need of these services, call 1-866-293-3543.
  3. Find an ASE-licensed repair facility and bring your vehicle there to get your car fixed. GWC Warranty can also help you find a service center online or by calling 1-800-482-7357.
  4. You must make sure that the repair facility you take your vehicle is aware that they must contact GWC Warranty at 1-800-482-7357 with an estimate before performing any work on the car.
  5. Once the mechanical malfunction is diagnosed and the estimate is approved, GWC Warranty will issue you a claims authorization number that must appear on all billing invoices. Make sure no work is done to your vehicle before receiving an authorization number.

How GWC Warranty Gives Total Peace of Mind

Before I did some research about buying used a used car and vehicle service contracts, I didn’t know much about GWC Warranty. But after I read some GWC Warranty reviews online, I learned a lot about the company and how it does a great job of giving drivers total peace of mind.

While reading these GWC Warranty reviews, I learned that drivers with used cars that are covered under a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract drive off the lot with total peace of mind because GWC aims to deliver a “No Worries, Just Drive” experience to its drivers. And that’s exactly what the best-in-class provider of used vehicle service contracts does.

Purchasing a car, particularly a used one, can come with a lot of questions, leaving some drivers concerned and worried about its reliability. But when you purchase a vehicle from a GWC Warranty dealer, you know that most future vehicle repair costs will be covered under a comprehensive and affordable vehicle service contract.

We’re talking full protection on your used vehicle the minute you drive off the lot!

Even just one major repair to a vehicle can cost thousands of dollars. But by purchasing a used vehicle with a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract you can protect yourself from expensive out-of-pocket repair costs. You can find a plan that works perfectly for your budget!

With an affordable monthly payment and knowing your car is covered, you can truly drive around worry-free.

GWC Warranty vehicle service contracts are built off of three pledges the company makes to its drivers. GWC Warranty wants to provide used car drivers with confidence, freedom and reliability. The confidence comes from knowing you just purchased a vehicle that is covered from the first minute you drive it. Freedom is offered through GWC’s nationwide network of service facilities, giving drivers the flexibility to travel anywhere without any concern. And the reliability comes with the company’s reputation, which is strong seeing as how GWC has paid more than $3.5 billion in claims to date to help drivers get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Tons of drivers have been pleased with the coverage they’ve received from a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract. Reading GWC Warranty reviews helped me learn so much more about vehicle service contracts and I couldn’t be happier that I took the time do so.

Why Vehicle Service Contracts are Crucial for Used Cars

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a used car and have been doing some research online for the best deals. But that’s when I stumbled upon GWC Warranty reviews that were written by others who drive used vehicles.

These GWC Warranty reviews made me realize that my research had to far beyond find the right dealer and price. If I was going to buy a used car, I was going to have to also look into vehicle service contracts like the ones offered through GWC Warranty dealers.

Reading through the GWC Warranty reviews showed me how important a vehicle service contract is when driving a used car. I’m not quite sure everyone out there realizes just how crucial they are, so I wanted to take the time to share with you why a vehicle service contract is a must if you’re purchasing a used car.

Peace of Mind: The first major benefit of purchasing a vehicle service contract is the peace of mind it will give you while driving your used car. Vehicle service contracts offer drivers financial protection against unexpected repairs.

Protects Your Investment: For many, their car is one of their biggest investments, if not, their biggest. So it’s wise to make sure that investment is protected by purchasing a vehicle service contract. If your used car unexpectedly breaks down, you’ll know you’re covered if you have a vehicle service contract for your used car.

Longer Vehicle Life: Purchasing a vehicle service contract for your used car can increase the chances of you owning that car longer. By covering many common repair costs, protecting your monthly budget and ensuring you continue to make regular loan payments, vehicle service contracts can extend the time you have with that particular car.

Vehicle Value Increases: If your used car is covered under a vehicle service contract that you’ve purchased, you can transfer that coverage over to another driver if someone were to buy the car from you. Individuals looking to buy used cars typically would like them to have some sort of coverage so this can make your vehicle a more attractive option.

Affordable Repairs: Vehicle service contracts make car repairs more affordable because the cost of a vehicle service contract is typically spread out over the life of your loan.  So if you’re facing a major repair for your car, the bill will be covered under your vehicle service contract rather than having to pay thousands out of pocket. The cost of even one repair often times can offset the total cost of a vehicle service contract.

Hopefully this helps if you’re in the market for a used car. Nothing feels better than driving around in a car you just purchased, but that feeling is improved with the peace of mind provided by a vehicle service contract.

Why Used Car Dealers Choose GWC Warranty

To begin to understand the value that GWC Warranty can bring to its dealer partners, here are some GWC Warranty reviews:

“We have a sign that says 90-day, 4,500-mile free warranty on select vehicles. Most people see that and it’s that reassurance they get. They also see the stickers and clings on the windows and that makes people feel more secure about their purchase. You see these cars with a GWC warranty on there and it makes the consumers feel protected.” — Joshua Gragg, Owner, Joshua’s Auto Sales

“We have been using GWC Warranty since we opened eight years ago. We take pride in the fact that we service all of our vehicles prior to selling them, and we find that this practice along with GWC Warranty has led to very high customer satisfaction.” — John Mathews, Owner, Hinkley Auto Sales – Montague, NJ

Reading GWC Warranty reviews like these help put into perspective just how beneficial the used vehicle service contracts offered by GWC Warranty can be to used car dealers.

But GWC Warranty reviews alone don’t sum up the experience dealers have when partnering with the best-in-class provider of used vehicle service contracts. GWC Warranty delivers many services to dealers that help them grow and become more successful.

Helping drivers feel more confident purchasing used vehicles because of the protection they’ll have under their GWC Warranty plan is just one of the many ways GWC Warranty produces positive results for its dealer partners.

Beyond helping dealers do better business and build stronger relationships with their customers, GWC Warranty also provides the best-in-class products, service, training, technology, and support.

Products: GWC Warranty offers a an expansive product set that has the flexibility to be customized to fit the needs of dealers and their customers.

Service: The top-notch service provided by GWC Warranty helps dealers build better relationships with their customers because of the peace of mind drivers can have on the road with a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract.

Training: GWC Warranty also serves as consultants that provide in-depth training to its dealer partners and make it easy for them to integrate the GWC Warranty products they’ll be offering to customers.

Technology: GWC Warranty’s integration solutions and electronic tools make for a seamless transition for all dealers. The technology used by GWC Warranty helps dealers become more efficient and progressive in their day-to-day operations.

Support: GWC Warranty makes sure it builds long-lasting relationships with its dealer partners by being there to provide support when needed. GWC Warranty offers responsive and personalized support to dealers.